HIGHWOOD uses innovative approaches to convey environmental information to a variety of audiences. Our expertise in environmental sciences combined with environmental management and communication skills ensures materials are meaningful to the public and scientifically accurate. We prepare questionnaires, State of Environment Reports, display panels and presentation materials for Aboriginal communities, municipalities, oil sands projects and non-government environmental organizations. HIGHWOOD recently prepared communication materials for Southern SAGD Operators in the oilsands region related to cumulative effects on the environment. Highwood also conducted a survey of environmental education opportunities in the Calgary region as part of the G8 Legacy.

Selected examples of Highwood communications and education projects

Southern SAGD Projects Cumulative Effects Communications Project
To view examples of the communications materials in .pdf format click here. [3.0 Mb]

Fort McKay Water Communications

Fort McKay Water Communications
To view the document in .pdf format click here. [3.4 Mb]

State of Environment Report

Town of Banff - State of Environment Report
To view the document on the Town of Banff web site click here. [4.6 Mb]


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