Environmental Assessments 

HIGHWOOD Environmental Management Limited is a team of environmental planning and assessment specialists committed to delivering the highest professional standard of environmental management services. We specialize in preparing focused environmental assessments under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) and the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (AEPEA). Our team clarifies regulatory requirements and works closely with our clients and regulators to streamline project approvals. We also prepare CEAA Class Screenings for routine and repetitive projects. Recent projects include

          Comprehensive Studies for facility decommissioning
          Environmental assessments for pipelines, well sites and oil sands developments
          Class Screenings for routine maintenance of transmission lines
          Environmental assessments for stream crossings and wastewater treatment plants

Highwood's Approach

At HIGHWOOD we apply our core strengths to your requirements by providing

          Assessments focused on individual project requirements
          Expertise with both CEAA and AEPEA assessment processes
          Personalized project management
          Effective communications with regulators and stakeholders
          Clarification of regulatory requirements
          Practical mitigation strategies

Highwood's Services      

HIGHWOOD's environmental assessment services include

          Environmental Impact Assessments
          Regulatory planning and approvals
          Biophysical baseline data collection
          Stakeholder communications
          Mitigation and reclamation plans



Environmental Impact Assessment

Through effective issue scoping, HIGHWOOD conducts focused environmental assessments. This assists proponents in achieving their goals, and focuses regulators on the important issues. We recommend practical mitigation techniques for reducing project impacts. HIGHWOOD has conducted environmental assessments for municipal infrastructure, oil and gas facilities, oil sands mines, electrical transmission lines, and government agencies. Recent projects include Comprehensive Studies for decommissioning facilities in national parks, environmental assessments of pipeline stream crossings for the City of Calgary, and environmental assessments for oil and gas exploration on First Nation lands.

Class Screenings

HIGHWOOD prepares Class Screenings under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) for routine, repetitive projects with mitigable impacts. In association with the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, we developed the approach to Class Screenings under CEAA. Recent Model Class Screening Reports were prepared for

          Routine Projects within the Town of Banff (Parks Canada)
          Agricultural Activities on Reserve Lands in the Three Prairie
            Provinces (DIAND)
          Routine Maintenance of Distribution Lines in Banff National
            Park (AltaLink)

Regulatory Approvals

HIGHWOOD's knowledge of regulatory requirements at municipal, provincial and federal levels streamlines the approvals process. HIGHWOOD maintains working relationships with regulators. We prepare summaries of regulatory and compliance requirements early in the planning process. Samples of recent regulatory approvals obtained include authorization under the Federal Fisheries Act, Indian Oil and Gas Act, Alberta Water Act, and Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act.

Biophysical Baseline Data Collection

HIGHWOOD's professional biologists conduct vegetation inventories, rare plant surveys, aquatic assessments, water quality studies, wildlife studies and mapping. HIGHWOOD completes biophysical inventories and follow-up monitoring for oil and gas developments, in national parks, and for site-specific restoration and decommissioning projects. Recent projects include vegetation inventories and water quality sampling for the Town of Banff, and rare plant surveys and Ecological Land Classification for pipelines and oil and gas developments.

Stakeholder Communications

We thrive on challenges, and communication during project planning is one of the greatest challenges facing project development. Effective communication is essential for successful projects, and HIGHWOOD has the skills and strategies to facilitate communication between our clients, regulators, stakeholders and the broader public. We develop communications materials appropriate to the project and communicate complex environmental issues to stakeholders.

HIGHWOOD's recent experience includes

          Water Communications for the Fort McKay Industry Relations
            Corporation - To view examples click here. [3.4 Mb]
         Southern SAGD Projects Cumulative Effects Communications Project
            To view examples click here. [3.0 Mb]

         State of the Environment Reporting for the Town of Banff
            To view click here. [4.6 Mb]

          Open house communication materials for Aquila