HIGHWOOD Environmental Management Limited specializes in conducting Traditional Land Use Studies and incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) into environmental planning, management and assessment.

HIGHWOOD's experience working in cross-cultural environments facilitates Aboriginal community consultation and has resulted in the successful completion of Traditional Land Use Studies and Assessments, elder and trapper interviews, community involvement during field studies, training and other capacity building initiatives. Our holistic approach to environmental assessment considers both stakeholder values and TEK during the scoping phase for development projects. This is important in verifying biophysical baseline datasets, in generating computer-based models and in developing reclamation and land use management plans.

At HIGHWOOD we apply our core strengths to your requirements by providing

          Quality services tailored to project and community needs
          Culturally sensitive collection of TEK
          Creative solutions for complex environmental challenges
          Mitigations to reduce traditional resource impacts

          Traditional land use studies and TEK integration
          Community liaison and consultation
          Communication materials
          Education and training


HIGHWOOD's interdisciplinary team works effectively with Aboriginal communities to document traditional land use and cultural information related to the environment, historical resource harvesting areas and culturally significant sites. HIGHWOOD has experience working with Aboriginal Communities to evaluate potential social and environmental impacts to traditional resource harvesting activities and cultural resources. HIGHWOOD staff have completed Traditional Land Use Studies and Impact Assessments for TrueNorth Energy, Mobil Canada and Syncrude Canada Ltd.

HIGHWOOD has the proven ability to develop effective working relationships with individuals in Aboriginal communities. Our unique approach to communications and technical expertise has facilitated successful consultation with a range of audiences including community leadership, elders, trappers, youth and school groups. HIGHWOOD's experience in delivering project design and scientific information in a meaningful, culturally cognizant way encourages mutual respect, trust and cooperation. This streamlines the approval process and facilitates mitigation and compensation negotiations between communities and the proponent. HIGHWOOD has recently provided support for Aboriginal community consultation for the Wood Buffalo Environmental Association (WBEA) and TrueNorth Energy.

HIGHWOOD uses unique written and graphical approaches to convey environmental information to a variety of audiences and age groups. Our combined expertise in environmental sciences, environmental management and communications enable efficient preparation of materials that are both meaningful and accurate. Our team has experience preparing questionnaires, display panels and presentation materials for Aboriginal communities. Recently, HIGHWOOD has developed environmental communications packages related to State of the Environment Reporting, oil sands development, monitoring programs and industrial impacts to traditional resources.

HIGHWOOD's team combines scientific expertise with educational experience to achieve specific learning objectives including techniques for aquatic sampling and monitoring, wildlife surveys, vegetation inventories and Traditional Ecological Knowledge research and documentation. We have been successful in developing training manuals and educating/training a range of ages and abilities. We have also been involved in work experience programs for high school students and environmental education programming for children. HIGHWOOD staff were invited to participate in the federal government's national round table discussions for Building Environmental Aboriginal Human Resources (BEAHR Project) and have recently provided education and training services in Aboriginal communities for Conoco Canada and the Fort McKay First Nation and Metis Local.