HIGHWOOD Environmental Management Limited offers a full suite of environmental management tools to effectively enhance environmental performance and regulatory compliance while reducing costs. We have developed a straight forward process to identify environmental issues, select and measure environmental indicators, report on environmental conditions, and set up management processes to continually improve performance.

Managing environmental impacts and risk has become part of the day-to-day operations of corporations, government agencies and municipalities. Identifying significant impacts, and scoping issues relevant to the organization, are key to effective environmental management.

At HIGHWOOD we apply our core strengths to your requirements by

          Developing practical environmental management tools for day-to-day operations
          Working effectively with clients and stakeholders
          Preparing thorough assessments of environmental impacts
          Designing scientifically defensible monitoring programs


HIGHWOOD's environmental management services include

          Identifying significant environmental aspects
          Selecting environmental indicators
          Designing and conducting monitoring programs
          Developing Environmental Management Systems
          State of Environment Reporting

HIGHWOOD assists in identifying environmental impacts from your activities, and determines the significance of those impacts. Scoping significant impacts ensures that human and financial resources are focused on appropriate issues. HIGHWOOD has identified environmental impacts for municipalities, oil and gas developments, electrical providers, and various government agencies.

HIGHWOOD assists with selecting appropriate environmental indicators to monitor key changes in the environment. Measuring indicators helps identify areas in need of improvement and measures progress towards environmental goals. We work with stakeholders to select indicators that strike a balance between science and the pragmatic needs of decision-making. Indicators of today can be science-based measurements of environmental progress, or can be sustainability indicators, which link the economy, environment, and social fabric of a community.

HIGHWOOD's biologists design monitoring programs and collect aquatic and terrestrial information to establish baseline conditions, monitor changes over time, and design management initiatives that assist in reducing impacts to the environment. Cost effective monitoring programs are designed to be scientifically defensible and easily replicated. Recent experience includes monitoring aquatic systems for long-term forestry impacts in southeast British Columbia, and measuring baseline vegetation and aquatic conditions for a variety of sectors.

Environmental Management Systems

An EMS is a proven tool to improve environmental performance. HIGHWOOD, in partnership with EnAble Performance Inc., develops and implements EMS for municipalities, corporations and government agencies. Key services we offer include EMS development and implementation, ISO 14001 registration, and environmental auditing. EnAble Performance Inc. has led or been a member of the core team for six ISO 14001-based EMS implementations over the last two years.

Communication is the key to demonstrating environmental successes and due diligence, in addition to informing audiences about environmental performance. HIGHWOOD's environmental specialists have developed effective and easy to understand tools for reporting on environmental performance for government agencies and corporations. Our reporting style is useful for both technical and non-technical audiences. HIGHWOOD recently prepared the Town of Banff's first State of the Environment Report.