Highwood's Team

Leigh Speed 

Leigh Speed, the Principal of Highwood Environmental Management, has over ten years of experience in environmental planning and assessment. Leigh specializes in the management of focused environmental assessments on federally regulated lands and in municipal settings, as well as in the oil sands. Leigh is experienced in working under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA), the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act as well as federal and provincial legislation related to water management. Leigh prepared the first class screening under CEAA for Routine Maintenance Activities in the Town of Banff. She is experienced in public consultation through chairing public meetings and convening advisory group meetings. Recent projects Leigh has managed include environmental management projects for the Town of Banff, environmental assessments for wastewater treatment plants, Comprehensive Study Reports for the decommissioning of facilities and class screenings for electrical distribution and transmission lines in national parks.
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Sepp Muhlberger is a Fisheries Specialist with ten years of experience in the management and protection of aquatic ecosystems. He has conducted fish and aquatic habitat assessments for land development, infrastructure and natural resource based environmental projects throughout Alberta and British Columbia. Sepp's well balanced understanding of aquatic systems combined with his knowledge of both federal and provincial regulations allows him to meet his clients' goals while ensuring that the "no-net-loss of productive capacity" requirements of the Fisheries Act are met. His core areas of expertise include fish population and habitat surveys, aquatic habitat restoration and enhancement, and aquatic habitat protection planning. Sepp has completed numerous stream crossing assessments for oil and gas companies and electrical utility providers.